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by Charles Creighton
From A.D.664 to the extinction of plague.
by Lucy H. Yates
How to buy, dress, cook and eat fish.
by Carton Moore Park
A Prairie Schooner Princess (Pub. No. 39996)
Mary Katherine Maule/

From under the curving top of a canvas-covered "prairie schooner" a boy of about fifteen leaned out, his eyes straining intently across the brown, level expanse of the prairies.
"Father," he called, with a note of anxiety in his voice, "look back there to the northeast!

A History of Epidemics in Britain (Pub. No. 39997)
Charles Creighton/From A.D.664 to the extinction of plague.

In this first volume of his history of epidemics in Britain, controversial physician Charles Creighton begins his examination of diseases in Britain from the first British epidemic in 664 AD to the end of the Great Plague in 1666. The work is broken down by time period and disease.

A Handbook of Fish Cookery (Pub. No. 39998)
Lucy H. Yates/How to buy, dress, cook and eat fish.

This book describes how and when to fish for specific types of fish. It provides instructions how to make delicious recipes.

A Book of Birds (Pub. No. 39999)
Carton Moore Park/

Here is a useful little birding book, especially for young people just now getting started in the interest. We have published this woek as a soft-bound book measuring approximately 4 x 6 inches, just the right size to fit a shirt or back pocket. The text and illustrations are printed on facing pages so all pictures appear opposite the descriptive text.

96 pages

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